Abrahaam Rogers

Aged: 24 years

Funeral Date: 24 January 2018

Benefactor: Women for Women
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Abrahaam Rogers was born with Achodroplasia Dwarfism in March 1993. When he was born I knew there was something going on with his health because his breathing seemed so labored. His head was also extremely large yet Doctors told me not to worry. As the weeks went by he his breathing became more labored until I went from state to state seeking medical help. He stopped eating due to the difficulty breathing which caused him to lose a lot of weight. As I went from state to state is desperation I met a great Doctor in Tampa, Florida who did genetic test on Abe The Babe and then we finally figured out what was wrong. My going from state to state was great because by the time we arrived in Tampa, Florida Doctors informed me that Abe needed an artificial trachea and a feeding tube via his stomach. He was then placed on oxygen at 6 months after several seizures which proved most fatal he was comatose until his day of passing. Already having a spinal issue, it was made worse by way of experiments of which a wonderful woman named Gail took Abe to live with family. She cares for children with medical conditions as Abe had. She saved Abe's life because prior to Gail taking Abe in her home I was receiving calls from many Doctors asking me for permission experiment on him.

Abrahaam was very ill but he was also very happy. Even in his fragile condition he was always smiling and had a positive disposition. He was also laughing and smiling even when no one was around. He loved to go for walks in nature.

Abe's life taught us that being positive in the most trying times was positive and that there is no excuse to be negative ever. Abe taught us to never ever give up and to keep moving on until we can move on anymore. When life is not going the way we want to now we all ask ourselves "What would Abe do?" Abe would smile and keep going. When we are upset with another person or about a situation now we ask ourselves "What would Abe do?

Abe was born so ill because of the chronic stress that I faced while pregnant. Yet I believe that we go through the things that we go through in life good and not so good because everything is tied to our purpose and reason for being. I ran into this website today. Actually, I knew about this website for a while now yet had no idea that these feature was contained therein. Then it hit me like ABRAHAAM WAS BORN DURING "WOMEN'S MONTH"...I ran into this feature on INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY...and there are many other correlations that have transpired today.

My goal is to raise funds for Women for Women on behalf on Abe The Babe because I want to help women...especially pregnant women and children. When pregnant women are stressed severely the negative energy goes to the child which can cause health conditions in mother and child and deformities. I am working with Women for Women in causes to help pregnant women, disabled children and help women visit their ill children in another state or country. I will be collaborating with Women for Women on projects and services for the empowerment of women across the globe.

Without WOMEN there would be no life and yet WOMEN are the most downtrodden on planet.

For more information about my story go to www.awolfinsheepsclothingmemoir.blogspot.com For right now I am offering

Abrahaam Rogers